The partners will proceed to the analysis of expectations of the companies by questioning and interpreting in work groups, following a common investigation methodology. In each category, the partners will select the educational and training paths they consider the most suitable to be confronted to the company needs regarding skills of team leaders and worksite supervisors. After this selection, each partner will proceed to screening contents and pedagogical methods according to common methodological approach. Furthermore, the partners will work on the definition of contents enabling beneficiaries to acquire or improve transversal skills in terms of learning outcomes for team leaders and worksite supervisors, likely to be certifiable at EQF levels 4 and 5. In addition to this, the partners will conceive pedagogical methods and tools for appropriate VET paths.


The partners will also propose an exhaustive and combined evaluation model focussed, on the one hand, on the companies and on the individuals, related to the field of motivation, usefulness, recognition and certification of qualification and, on the other hand, on the related VET system, which adds to the first factor a more global dimension.

Each of the 32 training paths to be renewed will be experienced with their beneficiaries who will be recruited by the training centres according to the criteria already in vigour in each partner country, under the scientific coordination of the partner responsible for this production that will follow a common protocol for experimentation and validation.